What are your service locations?

I work in all of Brevard County.

How long does it take?

Really depends on the job; I tend to work ~6 hours a day. 

Do I have to be home?

It's up to you. You do not have to be home as you'll have an opportunity to review any to-go piles before they are to-gone. Also, a way to contact you with a brief question is appreciated. I do need access to the home, of course.
If you decide to stay, I respectfully require to be left mostly alone to get the job done!

How do I pay you?

You can pay with a credit card/PayPal/Zelle or cash (might accept a business check). 

Do you provide furniture or decor for staging?

No, furniture and decor are not provided as a part of my home staging. This service is only appropriate for furnished spaces whether occupied or vacant. 
However, I may move existing furniture to facilitate flow and showcase the space.

Do you store items as a part of home staging?

No, storage is not a part of home staging. It is preferable to have an off-site storage if there is a lot to be removed but that is your responsibility. Otherwise, choose an out-of-the-way area for some boxes.

Do you provide containers or shelves for organization?

Containers and shelves are not provided as a part of my organizing. If you want that, we can talk about a Custom Organization Project where I'll research and gather them for you.
If you have containers or shelves you like, I'll be happy to work with those.

Is cleaning included or do you offer it?

Nope. But I have a checklist for you (or your cleaning service)!

I'd like the home to be generally clean before staging. 

Can you tell me more about how it works?

First, we'll talk about how you use your space in order to know what needs to stay or go. We'll talk about how you navigate your world - do you need things in sight or prefer them tucked away.

Second, I will put aside items as I go but WILL NOT REMOVE anything from your home without your FINAL APPROVAL. You will have an opportunity to check out any to-go pile; I'll return if necessary (typically the next day) to take away the final pile and quickly re-integrate any keepers.
Of course, you can keep your to-go pile to handle as you see fit.

What else?

  • Please don't hire me to secretly thwart your hoarding partner or friend! Everyone involved needs to be on board with this process for emotional and physical safety.

  • I'll bring snacks and water for my sustenance.

  • I will need to use your restroom; I stay hydrated!

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