Use this checklist to prepare your home for sale.

It's from me for you whether or not you decide to use Tamed Home Organization staging service. 

It's Sale Time! Go, go, go!

Cleaning and Spiffing Checklist


All Rooms

Dust air vents. Change the cooling system filter(s). 


Dust ceiling fans and lights. Remove dead bugs. 

Use matching white or clear light bulbs; don’t use CFLs (the curly ones) where they will show.


Wash or dust curtains. Dust blinds. 

Wash windows inside and out.


Dust moldings: floor, chair rails, door and window casings, door panels, window mullions. 


Dust and clean light switches and outlets. Replace cracked or un-cleanable covers/switches. 

Dust the thermostat(s).  


Clean any goops and blobs off the walls. Neatly patch holes. 


Check around door handles for grime and clean. 


Vacuum or wash the floor.


Strive for a neutral odor. Odors from pets, perfume/cologne, cleaning products, air fresheners, incense, smoking, and/or cooking, etc., can be off-putting to a potential buyer. Don’t assume anyone will like what you like. Even in our Florida weather, it may be good to open windows for a while to freshen the air. 


Set the thermostat at a comfortable level. Extreme heat or cold will drive buyers out. 



Clean the cabinet doors, handles, insides. No sticky, blobs, or glurbs! 


Clean the stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher doors,  handles, and insides. No sticky, blobs, or glurbs!


Clean the hood/stove fan.


Scrub the sink and faucet until they sparkle.


Keep the counters clean.


Keep the trash fairly empty. Tuck it away if possible. 


Clean fan. 


Clean bath/shower, faucets, and shower head until they sparkle. Replace the shower head if it does not look good. 


Clean cabinet doors/mirror, handles, and insides. No sticky, blobs, or glurbs!


Clean the big mirror. 


Scrub the sink and faucet until they sparkle. 


Keep the counters clean; put personal items out of sight if possible (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, retainers, contact lens supplies, etc.) If not possible, keep them clean. It’s best to secure medications elsewhere. 


Clean the toilet and all around it! Yep, cabinet sides, walls, floors, eek! clean them all. 

Keep the lid closed for showings! Nobody wants to see or think about that when considering their new home.


Don’t keep robes or jammies in the bathroom. Nobody needs to think about that either. 



Put away clean clothes and keep dirty clothes out of sight.


Make the bed every day. 



Keep it swept.


Clean out dead bugs and lizard poos. 



Keep clothes, clean and dirty, out of sight. 


Clean the washer/dryer of lint, hair, and dust. Make them sparkle. 



Sweep walk to door and porch. 


Clean the front door; no sticky, blobs, glurbs, or grime! 


Check lights; replace bulbs - use matching white or clear light bulbs; don’t use CFLs (the curly ones) where they will show.

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